RSS Feed

Rapid delivery of Michigan Health and Health Lab news stories

Want to get every story posted to this site, as soon as it appears? You can!

The Michigan Health and Health Lab blogs have free RSS feeds that give you instant access to newly published stories on both of Michigan Medicine’s blog sites and the Michigan Medicine institutional newsroom. The RSS is also used to feed our stories to sites like Google News and Apple News.

What’s an RSS feed? 

It’s something you can subscribe to, that allows the blogs to deliver a headline, a link, and even an alert, to you whenever something new is posted. You can choose to get RSS feeds delivered into your email program, into a web browser extension, or into an app on your phone or tablet. Or, you can “follow” a feed using a news service.

Each RSS feed has its own unique address. Here are the ones to use for all stories published on each site:

How do you subscribe?

  • Email: If the email program you use is able to handle RSS subscriptions, you can add the address of an RSS feed into the appropriate place in the program and it will automatically get the subscription started. For instance, in Microsoft Outlook, look for the RSS Feeds folder, then right-click the title of the folder and choose Add a New RSS Feed and paste in the address of the feed you want. Whenever a new story is published, you’ll see it in the subfolder for the RSS feed. If your email program doesn’t support RSS feeds (for instance, Gmail) you can search for a free RSS-to-email service on the web and tell it to send you an email every time a new story is posted to an RSS feed you subscribe to.

  • Browser add-ons: Most modern web browsers (Chrome, Edge, etc.) allow you to use little programs called “extensions” or “add ons” to expand what the browser can do for you. Think of them like apps, but for your browser rather than your phone. If you go to the settings menu of your browser, you should be able to get to a ‘store’ where you can search for extensions. Search in the store to find an RSS reader extension that will allow you to display the up-to-date stories from an RSS feed in a browser window. You may have to create a free account with the maker of the extension.

  • Apps and News aggregators: If you search the app store or market for your smartphone, you can find apps that let you pull in news from RSS feeds and see the latest posts every time you open the app. Some of them may be offered by a company that also makes a browser extension by the same name, so you can create an account once and get RSS feed stories fed to you on both your phone and your computer.

You can also use news aggregator sites such as Google News and Apple News to follow Michigan Medicine as a news source. The Google News page, featuring Michigan Health Lab stories, is here. In your Apple device’s News app, search for Michigan Medicine as a source and then choose to follow us; you’ll be able to see our Main, Research News and Blog feeds, which correspond to press releases, Michigan Health Lab and Michigan Health Blog, respectively.

There are also RSS feed organizer programs you can install on your computer that give you a way to organize many feeds within a window that is separate from your browser.